How Does It Work?

With the increasing adoption of social media, a new method of medical innovation crowdsharing is being developed. Instead of giving your napkin sketch or new innovative idea to an established industry contact or a med tech development house, you can now establish greater value and credibility by working directly with our peers and with established independent service providers. By gathering big data and enlisting subspecialty focused colleagues, you can identify worthwhile projects and secure funding as you move through a list of development steps. Anonymity will be the key to democratizing each development project.

Industry will also see benefit as they may use this same template to maximize their idea and innovation development. Lessened resource utilization and better surgeon relationships will ensue. The website will educate the surgeon developers in an area they have little formal training. Proceeding through each development step with service provider assistance/guidance as well as colleague involvement will add sequential worth. As your technology advances its worth increases and makes it a target for further investment and/or acquisition. The democratized peer support will allow for earlier exit strategies which will benefit both industry and the developers. Developers are often marginalized by industry partners and the present regulatory climate between surgeon and industry has caused a need for change. Allowing for earlier acquisitions in the development scheme will lead to adoption of peer supported technology at lower costs to circumvent new industry - doctor regulations.

The nitty gritty- you submit your idea by completing the template under submit your idea. This will be assessed for completeness by Bright Board. Bright Board will then help to identify an IP service provider familiar with your needs. There will be several options and you will be able to select this provider based on experience and cost. Once IP protection is submitted, you will be guided to the next step which will involve vetting and collaborating with you colleagues. You will be offered several options at this step designed to give you insight about the general interest and potential novelty and usage from others in an anonymous manner. You will select the parameters you feel you need to find out if this is a worthwhile project. You will be able to ask colleagues to help fund various steps or you may select to supply funding on your own. There will be a variable cost scale to many of the steps to help defray Bright Board’s maintenance costs.

Not every project will need all 10 steps. Some projects will be acquired before 10 step completion, some ideas will not be thought to be effective, some projects may need collaboration by others who have parallel or additive IP which can be made more successful by collaboration amongst inventors.