Why Bright Board?


The landscape of medical technology development has evolved from a very conservative base. In spine innovation history, the story is often told of the difficulties and initial industry rejections such as with Harrington rod, and pedicle screw development. Dr. Arthur Steffee had to start his own company as existing companies were not interested. The present companies involved in sale and manufacturing of spine implants have been strongly involved as drivers and determinants of new technology development. Surgeons and caregivers would collaborate with companies to improve their patients' care. The adoption of a project was typically based on industry needs as well as industry selected consensus leader input. The rules of development have changed. Physician input is now more critical to innovation development than ever before. Collaboration of caregivers in a democratic manner to benefit our patients is needed. This paradigm shift in development allows those direct caregivers in the trenches to huddle together and develop the newest and best technologies by involving peer input. Working together on the future of spinal health through innovation is the goal.

Video presented by: Dr. Allen Carl