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Why Create Bright Board?

Author: Allen L. Carl, MD
Sunday, May 7, 2017

After years of reverence to consensus leaders and following their guidance, I thought that there were some patient care directions that were not being explored or dealt with honestly in the area of my expertise. I decided to see if I could make a difference by embarking on some of these concerns.

In the past, I found our group of sub specialists to be provincial and very often many with the same or comparable thought processes. This coupled with the thought that industry controlled the economic implant arm of things made the development process something that the doctors felt was not in their realm and besides, there was enough $$ to be had by patient care alone. There was the belief or aura of impropriety if you sold the devices you put into your patients. Times change and industry is more independent in its thinking and development. This at times can result in a feeling of disregard for direct caregiver needs. The population of sub specialists has grown substantially and reimbursement for patient care has changed and is continuing to change. The sharing of outcomes and results, as well as technology through the web, has advanced technology meteorically and the ability to access all of this has become quick and easy. These issues have led to changes in visions and priorities.

There is an intricate dance to technology development and success depends upon all of the right processes lining up.

Consensus leaders are still the politicians who want to disseminate, lead and share results. Industry relies on this process for economic success and, thus, has a hand in the process (due to recent rules and legislation though - a much more regulated hand).

Caregivers have different goals, at different points in their careers, and those continue to change along with our psychosocial, economic and general political environment. Through the years, I have conceptualized ideas to meet some of the challenges I would face with patient care when I did not think the most appropriate solution existed. When I first started to develop new technology, there were times I met with resistance from others that I sometimes identified as a fear of change.

As I have continued in this profession, I have seen my own results and they do not always parallel that of the consensus leaders and their results. I have independently gone forward with developing and securing new technology. I have been able to learn through this endeavor and have tried to guide others on the basis of my experiences.

Brightboard is a way to accomplish this same end but does it by using the power of the numbers of all of us (alike colleagues) to collaborate and crowd share our ideas for the sake of improving patient care. This will help to jump start the process of technology development for the sake of our patients from a grassroots standpoint. (Who better to do this but those of us in the trenches). This will be done through education, guidance and knowledge sharing. Financial support will also be a part of this development process. This will be a democratic effort to allow us to better understand the system that has up to now been controlling the process and educate us in how the system works so that we can best serve our patients.

We need to try to let our colleagues know the development process, how it works and the paths of failure and of success, as well as the odds of such an endeavor.

We need to work together for the common good of our patients and share our technology development knowledge amongst ourselves and then let our industry colleagues service and not develop what we should be developing as a group.

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Shamoon RIzvi commented on 5/27/2017

Great post.

Allen Carl commented on 5/7/2017

I think that there needs to be a better way for us to serve our patient's needs. I hope that this is a common feeling amongst my colleagues

Jeff Smith commented on 5/7/2017

Great post and I completely agree.

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